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WiZdom Institutions Network

Higher Education Career Guidance &
Academic Services Organization

Wizdom Institutions Network is the brainchild of highly accomplished academic and corporate professionals who banded together to support and mentor young talents along with helping them with getting admissions, scholarships based on student merit, and skill-focused workshops to get into good universities across India and the World.







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People representing WiZdom has trained, upskilled and reskilled thousands of students across India and above Countries

The brain behind this exciting ed-venture is Dr. Francisca Tej, an erudite academic with over 18 years of corporate leadership, teaching and training experience in multiple geographies. Being a strong advocate of women empowerment, Dr. Francisca have built an excellent network wherever she has worked, and this led to the genesis of WiZdom Ed.

WiZdom Institutions Network

WiZdom Institutions Network offers services in four main areas

WiZdom Ed offers services in four main areas; Test Prep Academy, Job Skills Programs, India Institutional Admits, and Overseas Admissions.




Job Skills


India Admits


Overseas Admits

WiZdom Institutions Network Expertise

The WiZdom Institutions Network expertise lies in the following areas

Teaching and learning methodology that enables applied learning, action-oriented and work-based assignments with customisation for learning needs, where requested.

Collective intellectual space with focus on making young minds sharper and prepare for challenges of the future;

Network of expert and experienced facilitators who cater to the needs of our students;

A team of project leaders, facilitators and intellectual learning infrastructure that support production, management and delivery of all aspect of learning programmes;

Ability to rapidly develop and deploy customised learning solutions as per the requirement of the students; and

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Practice Tests

The Wizdom Ed-Vantage

Get Mentored and guided by the Higher Education Experts.

Get help in exploring your strengths with Personalized Guidance to make the right higher education choice.

Smarter Application Management with guidance and help from the expert mentors.

Discover and get in-depth knowledge potential about Career Opportunities.

Personalised Feedback and suggestions by the assigned mentor on your career choices and planning.

Continuous followup with the University and students to make the admission a success.


News & Updates

About WiZdom

About WiZdom

The mission of team WiZdom is to develop students awaken their competitive potential. WiZdom prides itself on being...

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